• Keyword Research Service of your Danish website is provided to align your Google search keywords with your business goals and plan.
  • Find the best keywords for your business


  • Check current keywords – positive as well as negative keywords
  • Expand scope of keywords
  • Suggest new keyword options
  • Check which keywords your competitors are using
  • Check keywords provided in English and Danish
  • Explore usage of Long Tail Keywords, i.e. 3 or more words


  • Danish webdesigner may be already familiar with Keyword Research
  • Danish end customer may be not familiar with Keyword Research


  • We typically use a simple, systematic process where we take a holistic view of site and make top down analysis according to our checklist.

Sample Tools:


  • Max 1 A4 page conclusion by our SEO Keyword Research experts including
    • Analysis & observations
    • Keyword Tips & Tricks, best keyword practices & guidelines
    • Prioritized list of recommendations and next steps with clear separation between “must have” and “nice to have”
    • Options in plan and budget we will you decide: whether to do optimization yourself (with or without our support) or we can handle it all for you.
    • Effect of keyword optimization, how much has your site ranking improved

Sample Contents of Audit Report:

  • Consistency between keywords provided in English and Danish
  • Competitor Keyword Analysis, which keywords are your competitors offering
  • We typically go through the Google Keyword Planner or Google Webmaster-> search analytics tool step by step to make a thorough analysis of your keywords.
  • Also SEMRush may be used to understand which keywords competitors are using

Check Questions:

  • How would your potential clients find you? Which keywords will they use?
  • Why would client select you instead of competitor?

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