Key Considerations


  • This means that you should always have content in mind as the most important aspect of SEO
  • Although SEO may be quite complicated, the crux of the matter is to carve your path in the internet jungle such that you don’t get lost in information overflow!
  • Please note that SEO is an ongoing process, you should check and update regularly. Google may penalize you if you don’t update, i.e. you may not be able to retain your ranking => you are falling behind competition
  • As each site is unique, you can’t rely entirely on what the tools may find. They may drive you to focus on secondary issues while leaving the primary issues unattended => resources lost. So real brain work is required here!
  • Hence it’s imperative to prioritize the findings, first things first and in the correct order
  • We don’t expect any previous experience with SEO. Our experience is that most customers will come to us simply because they want to increase their business, either by mining their existing customer base or attracting new customers. Some of our customers tell us that they feel like they are on board a ship without captain.. Our role is to provide required guidance
  • Need for SEO: Our experience is that in some cases the underlying issue for missing traffic to a site is an unclear business model and goals in company. I.e. what is offered and why? In this case an SEO problem is just a symptom, it may be more relevant to focus on business consultancy to align/re-position business

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